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Sam co-founded
Backstage development in 2016

To achieve the pinnacle of one’s career and maintain it requires a lot of perseverance, commitment, and sacrifice. Take for instance, for more than a decade, Backstages’s Co-Founder, Mr Sam Ambwani, has worked to dispel the myth that one technology fits all. The same brings a wealth of knowledge and a passion for driving innovation.

With an unparalleled work ethic, Sam is known for his dedication and ability to work long hours when necessary to ensure the success of his projects. Sam’s top priority is his family. He cherishes spending quality time with his spouse & child and firmly believes that a balanced personal life contributes to professional excellence.

Beyond the confines of the office, Same has a passion for exploration and adventure. He forms a familial trio with his spouse and child, cherishing the art of travel as they craft indelible memories while embarking on explorations of novel destinations together.


Fun Facts
About Sam

Did you know? Sam is so passionate about water that if his travel destination features a waterfront spot, you can bet he’ll be there with his laptop, making a splash in the world of work while enjoying the soothing presence of water for years and years..

When it comes to giving someone a talking – to, Sam has got a unique approach – no raised voices here! He calmly addresses the situation but the conversation has to start with ‘Dude.’ To him, this one word is all it takes to convey that something needs a little tweaking or a gentle nudge in the right direction.

Off the field, you might not guess his secret passion. Sam is a die-hard cricket enthusiast who can analyze the game for hours, but don’t challenge him to a match unless you’re ready to bring your A-game.

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