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Director of Operations
Princy Vakil

Princy is our esteemed Delivery Manager and in-house poet! Boasting Eleven years of invaluable experience, she embodies the ideal fusion of intellect and innovation. Serving as the CEO’s indispensable aide, she occupies a central position in driving organizational triumph.

Recognized for her meticulousness and adeptness in engaging with stakeholders, she shines not just as a visionary thinker but also as a hands-on troubleshooter when confronted with technical intricacies. With her adaptable proficiency, she effortlessly navigates the realms of business and technology within her role.


Fun facts
About Princy Vakil

Beyond her technical prowess, she takes pleasure in contemplating philosophical insights and can frequently be spotted jotting down poetic verses within the pages of her notebook, tucked away in various nooks.

Her affection extends to all creatures fluffy and quadrupedal; given the opportunity, there’s nothing she’d find more delightful than spending an entire day frolicking with a playful puppy!

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