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Lead Technical Architect
Prince Rajput

Introducing the legendary figure, Prince Rajput, boasting a decade of expertise in Drupal and Laravel. As our Senior Project Manager, he’s fondly dubbed the “Calm Maestro, Chaos Vanquisher,” for his reassuring leadership and technical wizardry.

His unshakeable composure inspires confidence in the team, and his exceptional technical skills render him a formidable force against any tech obstacle.

With an almost magical touch, he effortlessly handles intricate tech challenges, resolving issues with a mere click of his mouse.


Fun facts
About Prince

Prince is renowned for his conflict resolution skills, transforming workplace drama into entertaining comedy shows, diffusing tensions with humor and ensuring a harmonious atmosphere that fosters collaboration.

The weekend reveller, whose boundless passion for partying lights up every gathering and transforms ordinary moments into unforgettable celebrations of joy and camaraderie.

A devoted Imagine Dragons fan, he’s a carefree spirit who fearlessly embraces life, undeterred by any setbacks that may come his way

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