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Human Resources

With over 7 years in HR and operations, Poorva Gupta excels in talent acquisition and people management, optimizing companies’ most valuable asset—their workforce. She fosters robust corporate cultures, fueling continuous growth by motivating employees to unlock their full potential. Staying updated on HR trends, she tailors comprehensive programs for her team.

Beyond work, she enjoys family hikes, Indian culture exploration, and philanthropy, particularly aiding the homeless.

She enjoys reading books on personal growth and listening to motivational podcasts. Two of her favorite books are The Noticer by Andy Andrews and the Secret by Rhonda Byrne. Two of her favorite podcasts are Resist Average Academy with Tommy Baker and Oprah’s Super Soul Conversation.


Fun facts
About Poorva

She famously quipped, referring to her extreme love of tea and her urge for a cup every 30 minutes, “Behind every successful woman is a tremendous amount of tea”

Her favorite quote is “You’re so much stronger than your excuses”

Even in this age of strong western supremacy, no matter the occasion, she adores wearing a saree

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