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Technical Lead
Parth Patel

Begin with Parth Patel, an 8-year WordPress maestro and a devoted nature enthusiast. He proudly wears the title of ‘Code Whisperer’ and is your ultimate destination for all things web-related. When he’s not weaving digital magic on his keyboard, you’ll find Parth behind a camera lens, capturing the captivating beauty of nature and the vibrant world of birds.

His hobbies include the art of nature photography, a relentless pursuit of the perfect shot, and friendly bird-watching competitions. Whether you’re in need of a flawlessly crafted website or an impromptu adventure in bird-watching, Parth is your go-to guy!

Be sure to pack your memory cards and binoculars, as you embark on a journey to explore both the untamed realms of code and the feathered friends that grace the natural world.


Fun facts
About Parth Patel

He finds immense joy in his surroundings, relishing delectable cuisine, the splendor of nature, and meaningful interactions with people.

He derives excitement from embracing spontaneity as an adventurous pursuit, relishing the unpredictability and thrill that it brings to life’s journey.

He is an eternal wanderer, endlessly captivated by nature’s intricate tapestry, embarking on an unceasing adventure to explore its limitless and breathtaking beauty.

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