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Senior SEO Specialist
Neha Sanghvi

Neha is a seasoned digital consultant, possessing over a decade’s worth of industry expertise. She loves working on the technical end of digital, with a special interest in how marketing trends are driven by ever-changing consumer behavior.

She considers the best part of her work to be able to bring brands closer to people using impactful communication and fostering genuine consumer relationships. Her professional journey has honed her ability to harmoniously blend the worlds of data analytics and creative expression.



Fun facts
About Neha

When she’s not got the work mode on, you’d probably find Neha in a corner with a Kindle in one hand and an iced Americano in the other. Pair that with a Pink Floyd or Beatles track in the background, and you’d have perfected her calm space. She also loves exploring fantasy literature and channeling her creativity into writing free-verse poetry.

She’s a mountain person to the core, frequently traveling to the mountains to escape the monotony of everyday life and dreaming of settling in such places.

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