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Jim has been an intricate part of the Backstage family since it launched in 2016. His expertise comes from a successful background in both sales and training in the legal industry. Jim’s role at Backstage is to make sure that each and every interaction with clients is a successful one ultimately building long-term relationships.

Jim and his wife Mary live in the sunshine state and they have three little girls, Serabella, Juliana and Elizabeth. Living right outside Orlando gives them the opportunity to enjoy Disney World, local attractions and spending time at the beach.

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Fun facts
About Jim

They have two beautiful girls ages five and seven plus a 1-year old that constantly keeps them on their toes. In order to keep up, they have a coffee ritual every morning and afternoon just to help them make it through the day.

Music is a big part of the family. If there was a camera watching them dance with their kids, I’m sure they could easily win the $100,000 prize on America’s Funniest Videos. Current favorite song and silly dance for the kids: Gangnam Style.

Growing up, Jim was very passionate about playing pool. His father bought him a pool table when he was 12 years old and 32 years later, he still has the same pool table that he enjoys playing with the family.

In his spare time, he belongs to a Dad’s mastermind group where he gets to help pay it forward by mentoring new recruits and helping them to become better fathers.

Jim Allen
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