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Jeff Co-Founded
Backstage Design in 2017

Back in 2017, Jeff built the Backstage Design division from the ground up. As our Lead Creative Designer, he brings a wealth of experience in design and branding. He worked with numerous nationally recognized brands such as Chick-fil-a, Buffalo Wild Wings, Jack-in-the-box, WW Steel (who helped build Cowboys stadium), Snap-on-tools, The National Guard, and Many more nationally recognized brands throughout the US.

His expertise in design has been instrumental in creating award-winning digital design experiences for our clients at Backstage, consistently taking the look and feel of their band to the next level!

In his free time, Jeff enjoys spending time outdoors and being an avid fisherman. He can often be found fishing, lake boarding, and surfing with his son Jax.

Jeff also gives back to his local community as a baseball coach for Jr High students, helping to mentor and develop young athletes.

Jeff’s love for the outdoors extends beyond fishing and sports. He enjoys taking the local ferry from his backyard up to Canada for a day, exploring new areas and discovering new adventures throughout the Pacific Northwest.


Fun facts
About Jeff

Jeff’s passion for fishing began at a young age, and he has been an avid fisherman ever since. He enjoys both freshwater and saltwater fishing and loves teaching his son Jax about the sport. While Jax only just became a teenager, know that he can almost outfish dad!

He is also a skilled lake border and surfer, and enjoys spending time on the water with his family and friends

Jeff’s love for the outdoors and his community is reflected in his volunteer work as a baseball coach for Jr High students, where he helps young athletes learn and grow on and off the field. Jeff’s hopeful to win the championship this season for the second year in a row!

Jeff Boyd
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